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A Few Words About Us

From a small idea to a gamechanger product. This is our story.
This whole idea came about by wishing there were better solutions for contractors. From that point on, I got to work. From budgeting and designing to putting things together with a machinist. I was determined to bring my solution to life. Once we were able to get first prototype up and running I realized that my idea really worked. I pursued development and integrated safety measures to help improve the product even more.

Our Vision & Mission

I see a world where contractors have an easier time with flooring.

I created this product as a solution to the many problems I encountered on the job. By working with a team of experts I was able to create a product that truly surprised me. Now, I want to share this invention with the world of contractors so that we can all enjoy an improved process.

I am determined to keep creating new solutions to common problems.

Now that I know creating a solution on my own is a possibility, I can’t stop drawing up new solutions to many problems contractors face when flooring. Stay tuned for the next Floor Lord project!

Floor Lord Vector Pro Edger Testimonial

The Floor Lord


Now that we are aware that bringing these ideas to life is a possibility, what is stopping us from producing even more? I’ve got a list of products that I want to make to help make a real difference in the flooring industry. In 28 years of doing floors, I came encountered numerous problems. However, I also came up with plenty of solutions. It’s time I brought these superior products to the table.

This product will help increase the quality of work you produce, saves you money on materials, and will outlast stock component 10 fold. My goal is to bring quality products to fellow contractors at affordable prices.

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We’re here to assist you!

If you have any questions, feedback, or need assistance, don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

About The Floor Lord

2468 N Truman Blvd,
Crystal City MO 63019

T: 314.392.3782